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"Once contact is made, Roots are able to spread freely."

Roots are characters in Gemini Home Entertainment. They are small organisms akin to parasites.


Roots are small organisms that look like small strands. They first start out as bulbs on the skin, then roots, and then grow as sprouts, making the rest of the organism composed of strands, while making the bone tissue branch and conjoin within them to render them immobilized, before converting them into Nature's Mockeries before breaking apart with something emerging from the host's body.


Roots are small parasites from The Iris. They will infect organisms with what is known as Deep Root Disease. It begins with a bulb forming on the skin, before it becomes a sprout, and then gets to the bone, and branches out. Roots are also seen being able to convert people into a mass of human-shaped fleshy strings. The outcome is seen in Home Invasion Help, where it also shows that Roots aren't fatal, which keep the victim alive as they're reduced to nerves, veins and arteries, before becoming a Nature's Mockery, and eventually hatching something from their stringy remains.


  • During the explanation of contraction, it simply shows a person in bed before being violently snatched out.
  • It appears The Wretch is infected with Deep Root Disease, as seen with its tendrils.